Interstate Thirty

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Our first CD is now available for purchase in our Store!

The members of Interstate Thirty first met late one winter night in a Waffle House located along I-30. As they were each scarfing down a double order of hash browns at the bar, they began discussing the lack of quality music on the jukebox. Suddenly they discovered that they all longed for more bluegrass.

After some initial arguments about the acceptability of falsetto tenor, whether electric instruments were allowed, single microphone vs. individual microphones, and whether Scruggs or Reno was a better banjo picker, the five somewhat came to terms and agreed to form a band with a goal to create a hard driving sound that combined traditional, gospel, and non-traditional bluegrass. 

Interstate Thirty first performed together in 2011 in Bryant, AR, and quickly realized they needed more practice and planning. After playing a few more shows together, they finally decided to get serious about practicing together in 2013. The band’s name obviously derives from a road, of which its members are scattered up and down and must take to get anywhere to practice or play. But to be honest, this name was decided on primarily because it was not already taken by another band. If you like hard driving bluegrass, then buckle up and hang on tight! Interstate Thirty is going to crank up the speed.

We are looking to book some shows in the region for the upcoming year. If you are interested in booking us please Contact us.

Please watch the Dates on our website or our Facebook Page for updates concerning when and where we are playing.